A Brief History of the Mandir



Check out our calendar to see any upcoming events we are holding at the temple (currenly online only due to COVID).

Get Involved

Our community is actively involved in the temple - click here to join our WhatsApp group and be notified about any future events.


We appreciate your contribution to the donation programs and will happily accept any help we can get.

Our Core Vision
and Mission


Our vision is to encourage the awareness of Hinduism and the cultural values it provides to support society. We see a future filled with love and positivity, and hope our community will be a huge part of this.


We will continue to provide religious and cultural education programs to bring our vision to life. This will allow our members to support and foster the message of peace in society. Our mission is to keep growing our wonderful community, and by educating as many people as we can we hope that more and more will continue to visit Lord Rama Krishna Temple.

Committee Members
Monthly Events
Average Visitors per event

Meet the Team

Meet our current team! Our incredible trustees and committee members help keep our community running smoothly and Lord Rama Krishna Temple would not be the same without them.

Committee Members

Mrs. Shashi Singhal - President

Mrs. Annu Kohli -

Mrs. Savita Sud -

Mr. Avinash Chopra - Treasurer

Mr. Rajnikant Mistri - Volunteer

Mrs. Noneet Sood - Volunteer


Mrs. Alka Trivedi

Mrs. Madhu Kakkar

Mrs. Subhash Bharti

Mr. Ravi Kohli

Mr. Omkar Sood

Mr. Arun Singhal

Temple Protocol

Before Visiting the Temple Learn
our Protocol

Lord Rama Krishna Temple is a place of sanctuary and peace, so we encourage all visitors to respect their surroundings and those around them. Please take a moment to read our temple rules before visiting.

  • Please remove shoes and place them neatly on the shelves provided.
  • Be courteous and polite to other members at all times.
  • Be respectful of God and the Gods at all times.
  • Traditional dress is best, but you can wear modest clothing that is suitable for sitting on the floor.
  • Hugging and other demonstrations of affection are out of place.
  • Please clear up after yourselves.

The Gallery of
Our Temple

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