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Lord Rama Krishna Temple

Serving the Hindu community of Warrington and the neighbouring towns.

Here at Lord Rama Krishna Temple, we hope to bring together those who need a safe place of worship. Our temple (Mandir) is a seat and body of divinity for Hindus.



We love to keep our community updated, so we send messages regarding our first and third Sunday programme and any other upcoming celebrations to our WhatsApp group. Click here to fill out our short application form and get involved!


Our community is one of the most treasured aspects of the temple. Donations from our congregation and devotees entirely fund the Mandir. Together, we have contributed to integral fundraising for our building, helping us to continue running and hosting our community events.


Become a Mandir member for just £35 for a single membership or £51 for a couple. All donations to the Hindu Religious Society go towards the cost of running Radha Krishna Mandir and our projects. The annual Mandir membership also forms an all-important part of the governance of the Mandir. Become a member today by clicking here.
Please Note

Online Schedule

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  • 5:30pm daily: Please join the Hanuman Chalisa Group for evening prayers.
  • 11:00am Saturday: Bhagwatam class hosted by Shashi Singhal

We promise to keep our sense of community alive during this difficult time and continue to hold celebrations for all the major Hindu festivals on our online Groups. 


Our Daily

Lord Rama Krishna Temple is open for the first and third Sundays of every month from 4:00pm – 6:00pm. We also hold optional group discussions on Saturdays from 12:00pm – 1:00pm. This is our habitual schedule:

First Sunday of each month
  • 16:001st Sunday service
Third Sunday of each month
  • 16:00Lesson on Bhagvad Gita
Every Saturday
  • 12:00Ramayan / Bhagwatam group discussion (Virtually)

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Membership and Donations

Without your kind and generous donations, the Lord Rama Krishna Temple would not be what it is today. Our community has come together to contribute to multiple aspects of our beautiful building, including a much needed revitalised kitchen area and upgraded toilet facilities for the congregation. We are also able to continue running our events and projects because of the giving spirit of those who take part each week, and we hope to be able to continue to grow and provide a peaceful place of worship for the Hindu community of Warrington.

You can become a Mandir member for just £51 per couple, £35 per single, or choose a custom amount to donate to the temple below. The Mandir is entirely funded by donations from its congregation and devotees and all work is done on a voluntary basis by the fantastic committee members.

The annual Mandir membership is not only a very important income stream for the Mandir, but also forms an all important part in the governance and management of the Mandir. As a member you will be able to have a say in important decisions based around the running of the Mandir, as well as being able to vote for nominees to be part of the executive committee. Read more about our membership below: