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Our Mandir relies on the support of our community. Your donations allow us to continue running and hosting our gatherings on a regular basis. In the past, we have used the funds to repair the building and organise multiple religious events and projects. Find out more about become a member or donating to the Mandir below:

Mandir's General Running Costs

The Mandir is built on our community and would not be able to run without your dedication. With the support of our devotees, we have been able to organise many cultural and religious events and hope to continue this in the future.

We cannot do this without your help.

Donations are a key way for us to operate and serve our community and we appreciate any support we are given. By donating here you will be supporting the general running costs of the Mandir. Donate via the ‘become a member’ section to secure your membership.

Become a Member

As a member you will be able to:

  • Vote for nominees to be elected to be on the executive committee
  • Be able to nominate yourself for election to the executive committee
  • Attend the AGM and have your say on the running of the Mandir
  • Receive an email newsletter with reminders of events and services
  • Receive an annual calendar in the post

All donations to the Hindu Religious Society go towards the costs of running Radha Krishna Mandir and our projects. You can become a member for just £31 per couple!